So here’s the story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been shipping Ross Lynch and Laura Marano to be together.

“Shipping” is the act of wanting two people, who you believe are soul mates, to be together. Being a shipper takes a whole lot of faith and believing especially if the two people you ship together are dating someone else.

“Normal” or “average” people may actually question themselves asking, “Why the heck or people so involved in others people’s lives, shipping them with people who they think are destined to be together. That’s absurd!” Truth is if you ask most shippers why, they’ll say I don’t know.

Ever since my in the seventh grade when I got an Instagram, and Id spent every waking moment making edits and videos about Raura; my mom came up to me one day asking why do I waste so much time making those stupid edits about people who are probably never going to end up together. I just sat there with a blank expression on my face. Why do I ship “Raura”? Why is shipping people even a thing? Why do I have so much faith in this? Why do I put so much work into shipping Ross and Laura? I was dumbfounded. I had a staring contest with my mom not knowing what to say, until she eventually told me to finish up my homework first and dinner would be ready soon. From that very moment, I began a new journey. A journey to seek answers to the bajillion questions that were forming in my head.

It took me years to reach my destination, and find my answer. It wasn’t till Mother’s Day of the year 2015 at around three in the morning was I strucked in the head with the big answer.

The reason as to why I ship Raura, and have so much faith in it, and work so hard for it, and etc; might be because I use it as an escape from reality. SAY WHAT NOW?!?!

I’ve been a victim of bully all throughout middle school. No, I’ve never harmed myself. No, I’ve never had suicidel thought either. But the one thing I did do was run. I ran away by finding an alternate universe where I can dream and have tons of faith for people whom I believed were soulmates.

Everything all made sense. To some people they ship people only because there cute together, and etc. Those people are the ones who don’t let it control their lives. People like me, who read like one fanfictions a day about the two people I ship together. Or the people like me, who have a heart attack everytime they see a picture of the two people together. It’s those people that use it as an escape from reality.

I did a small experiment where I’d see if there’s any mentioning of any troubles happening in to the Raura shippers I follow on Instagram, and almost everyone of them have a huge issue going on like parents are getting a divorce, failing in school, bullying, depression, and etc. I asked them do they think they ship people because it’s their escape route from reality; some of them were like “OMG!” and others never really answered or said a simple no.

I’m not saying all people do this, but for me. That’s what it’s all about. I don’t want to face the troubles in my life, so I go to my alternate universe.

You were probably wondering how I remembered the exact date and time as to when I figured this mystery out. I’ll tell you. So it was early Sunday morning. I had stayed up all night binge watching one of my favorite shows ever called “Psych”. I checked the time and it was 2:50am and I had to go to church at 8. So I thought why not get some sleep, so I’m not snoring and disturbing people while they are trying to pray. A habit of mine is always checking instagram before I went to bed. So I opened up my Instagram, and what I saw knocked me off my bed. I saw a video of Ross Lynch, the guy I ship with Laura Marano, kissing, no that’s not the right words, making out with another girl known as Courtney Eaton. WHAT?!?! Suddenly everything I dreamt of or believed in since the seventh grade went down the drain. I was hit in the face with a huge boulder of reality.

Suddenly my escape route was no longer my escape from reality, it became me nightmare. Ross kissing another girl made me realize that in reality, that’s his life and he chooses he wants to be with. No matter what I do, it’s not my choice or my decision.

So right away as I felt like crawling into a little niche and hide away from the rest of the world because my eyes were finally opened; and I saw what I thought was my was escape route as what it actually was. My escape route came into the light, and for the first time in forever I saw it as reality, the one thing I was trying to escape from.

My whole day was ruined. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around this. I wasn’t the only one having this problem. All the other Raura shippers were too! Some of them either left the fandom, switch sides into shipping Ross with Courtney, or started cyber bullying Courtney.

I was the one who was lost, and didnt know what to do. Of course I wasn’t going to send mean hateful words to Courtney. I know what it’s like to be the victim of bullying, and it’s never the right thing to do. So I just stood by and watch as World War III began. There were people hating on Courtney. There were people defending her. There were people who simply quitted, and people who didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t until I saw a more clearer picture of them kissing and holding hands that I actually caught up, and realized its for real.

Of course I had a hard time accepting this. But eventually I did. Eventually I learned not to run away from my problems, but to face them instead.

I accepted the fact that they are dating, I support Ross on his relationship; but one thing that I didn’t do…. The one thing I can’t do…. Is ship them together. Till this day I’m a Raura shipper no matter what happens I have faith. I’m not going of give up on something I’ve spent years believing.

I know it sounds like I believe Courtney and Ross are going to break up and Ross and Laura are going to date; but what I actually mean is that what ever happens, happens.

I’m not going to stand here and say I want them to break up, so Raura can date because that’s just plain cruelty; but I am going to say that if one day Raura just happens to happen,

then I’ll be here and ship the happy couple 100%.

I know it’s really confusing, but that’s the best possible way I could explain it.

Yup that’s pretty much it! Now that we got the whole “shipping” thing down. We can move to the more exciting things.

P.S Laura Marano’s first single, Boombox,  is coming out on Friday March 11! #ProudofLaura


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