This is Me

Hi! My name is Laura C. If there anything you should know about me, it is that I am literally the biggest Raura shipper ever!

So I guess I should start from the beginning. My name is Laura; but people call me L. I’m part French, German, and Italian; but I was born and raise in the US state Colorado.

I’m fourteen years old, birthday is in June. I just started my first year of high school. All throughout out middle school, I was made fun of because of my accent, height, and freckles. So middle school was hell for me, but it was survivable because of three words. Austin & Ally! In December of the sixth grade, the first time my eyes landed on four crazy goofs; my life had changed so much. I instantaneously fell in love with that show. Every time my head was below the waters, watching that show made me laugh my butt off so bad.

By the time the second season came and the  episode of where Ally is trying to help Austin plan the perfect date for him and Kira (I think that’s how you spell it). Something click on, and I instantly became obsessed with wanting Austin and Ally to get together; but not only did I want them to get together. I didn’t only want the characters to get together, but also the actor and actress that play them. That was the time I  became a hardcore Raura and Auslly shipper. Although it actually wasn’t till I  learned their real named that is  Ross and Laura and did my “intense research”.

Then fast forward to the time I saw an ad for Pass Me By by R5 on youtube.  I saw a picture of Ross standing there with four other people, and it caught my interest, so I clicked on the ad and listened to the song. After, I became instantly obsessed with them too! The day I searched them up was literally the happiest day of my life! I also not only found out they come from the same state that I come from, but also the same city! I was born and I still do live in CO!

Ever since then my love for R5 and Raura grew and grew and grew! Now, I’ve been to at least six of their concerts. Some in CO, once when I went on my vacation to NY, and another on my vacation to CT and CA.

This is my first blog ever! And I’m really excited to actually be able to talk about my idols with other people who love them just as much and etc.  So I’m warning you. I’m not that good at grammar and writing. Also when I go into FANGIRL mode there’s no coming back!

P.S. I’m also really bad at updating. I literally cannot ever update on time because I’m either really busy or procrastinating. So I am sorry in advance.

Bye! Until next time!    -LC



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